The Opposite of Déjà Vu? (Memory: Part 2)

Ever wondered if there was an opposite to Déjà Vu? I didn’t either! But one day in 2013 I found out there was. It is called Jamais Vu.  I wrote a song about it.

Here is an acoustic version of the song:

Jamais Vu

I am sure you have come my way
You’ve been in my intimate space
I believe that you have explored
Every facet of my soul
Lost control
Was so sure
Of your resemblance before

Feel like I should know you well
And it’s got me thinking ‘what the hell’
Everything that I thought was right
Could well be an oversight
It’s not right
My whole life
Has been flipped upside down

Yeah I know who you are
But I don’t know your face
Jamais Vu, clogging up my view
Losing you, face I thought I knew
Jamais Vu, I despise you
Thought I’d seen her before

Here is my story:

Song Story – Jamais Vu

I wrote this song in 2013.  It is from the perspective of my wife, Tammy, who had experienced the sensation of Jamais Vu during her recovery from a mental breakdown.

She was lying down leaning on me and got really worried because she knew who I was but had no recollection of what my face looked like.

Jamais Vu Art

She turned to me and then remembered…Despite that being resolved we became very worried that this was a sign of dementia coming.

A quick call to Tammy’s psychiatrist (and hero of ours), Robin Lawrence, soon revealed to us that this was just an occurrence of Jamais Vu which is like the opposite of Déjà Vu and nothing to be concerned about!

It was such a strong worry but also such a quirky thing that I just had to write about it! Then around 2 years later in 2015 I refined the song.  Only now have I gathered the skill, courage and platform to share!

Finally, here is Wikipedia’s description of Jamais Vu (For it is the root of all knowledge)

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